Expert Tips for Successful Kitchen Remodeling

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Our team at Triton Contracting Services LLC specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and we have worked on a wide variety of projects over the years. Over time, we have identified a few strategies that help make kitchen remodeling efforts more successful, so we have put together this article to share them with you. Keep reading to learn a few expert tips to make your remodeling project a success.

Expert Tips for Successful Kitchen Remodeling

•  Cut Out Waste Steps – Our first tip for successful kitchen remodeling is to plan your layout carefully, eliminating unnecessary steps between different tasks. Try to think about where you will store the various items in your kitchen once it’s complete and decide what location makes the most sense—for example, it’s a good idea to store your dishes near the dishwasher to make it easier to unload them when clean.

•  Account for Clearances – Another tip for great kitchen remodeling is to pay attention to clearances when designing your layout. By this, we mean two things: first, make sure none of your appliance or cabinet doors will impede your path when open, and second, make sure to include the appropriate amount of landing space around each fixture and appliance.

•  Plan for Access – If you plan to live in your home for the rest of your life, or even if you plan to sell it at some point, it’s worth thinking about making your kitchen more accessible as part of your remodel. As you get older, you may find it harder to do certain kitchen tasks, but by planning ahead, you can make many of those things easier—for example, lowering the height of your counters can make it easier for someone who uses a wheelchair to cook and prepare food.