How to Use Shaker Cabinets to Give Your Space Classic Charm

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At Triton Contracting Services LLC, we specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Our team has worked on countless projects over the years, and we have learned that one of the most important parts of any kitchen or bathroom design is the cabinets. These are more than just storage containers, but they also act as key visual elements in your design, and your choice of cabinet style can enhance or detract from the overall look.

How to Use Shaker Cabinets to Give Your Space Classic Charm

One popular choice for people who want to give their space a classic, traditional feeling is shaker cabinets, and in this article, we’ll go over some of their defining features to help you get a better idea of how to use them in your space.

Before we get into the physical characteristics of shaker cabinets, we want to provide a little information about their history. Shaker cabinets get their name from the Shakers, an insular religious group whose members became well-known for their exceptional skills in furniture making. Due to their skill, Shaker-style items became very popular, and many (like the cabinet style) remain so to this day.

Features of shaker cabinets include:

  • Simplicity – Shaker cabinets are defined by their simple yet elegant style. The cabinet doors have a flat panel in the center surrounded by a raised frame, which creates a pleasing but not overwhelming contrast.
  • Quality – The original Shakers used only high-quality hardwood in their cabinet making, and many modern makers strive to continue this aspect of the tradition in our own work. You can count on us to use only the best materials when building your cabinets in order to make them as durable as possible.
  • Versatility – Another reason why shaker cabinets remain so popular is because they are highly versatile, as they look right at home in a variety of designs and styles.

To learn more about shaker cabinets and if they are right for your space, please contact us today.