Three Small Details that Make a Big Impact on Your Kitchen Backsplash

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Your kitchen backsplash is a key part of your kitchen design, since it adds style whether it is bold and punchy or muted and understated. If you have your material chosen, color selected, and installation plan in place, there might be a few extra considerations to keep in mind before moving ahead.

Three Small Details that Make a Big Impact on Your Kitchen Backsplash

Here are three small details that will have a big impact on your kitchen backsplash:

  1. Design for outlets and switches: This is an oft-overlooked detail – make sure the pattern of your kitchen backsplash does not cut off abruptly at an outlet or light switch. This is easy to overlook, but it stands out like a sore thumb if the outlet looks like it has been placed haphazardly in the middle of your backsplash, rather than being intentionally designed. One option is to use strip outlets and switches that mount under your cabinets, keeping your backsplash clean and uninterrupted. If you need to work with your existing electrical wiring, there are lots of ways to design your backsplash to look purposeful.
  2. Consider maintenance and durability: It’s easy to choose the trendy, beautiful tile that you’ve seen online and just have to have for your own home. It is very important to keep your own needs in mind, particularly when investing in a kitchen backsplash. Make sure to consider how durable the material is and how much maintenance it requires. A grubby backsplash will make your entire kitchen look worn out. Metal, ceramic, and porcelain are nonporous, so they are easy to clean and resist staining.
  3. Plan ahead for open shelving: Another trendy look with timeless appeal involves having open shelves in your kitchen. If this is something you would like to have, make sure it is designed and planned well from the beginning – or, at least, before your kitchen backsplash is installed. Hanging your shelf supports before tiling makes it much easier to find studs and get a tighter fit to the wall. You also save the stress of drilling into your new tile, with potential to drill incorrectly and be stuck with the hole.

Investing in a high-quality kitchen backsplash means every detail counts. Trust our remodeling expertise during your next home remodeling project – contact us today!